Ермакова Ирина Владимировна


Nanotechnology benefits humanity without negative implications for health and the environment?
    Dear Colleagues,
Please let me know who might be interested in this fairly new area in Russia. I would be prepared to try to connect them with international programs and suggest names of those from Russia to be included in international panels. I start getting such queries.
In addition, would there be any experts interested to participate in the international survey (Round 2) ' Environmental Pollution and Health Hazards Resulting From Military Uses of Nanotechnology' and, naturally, get its results? Is there any need to get the questionnaire translated into Russian? The translation can be easily and quickly done and even placed on the UNU Millennium project Internet site to place your responses there.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Renat Perelet

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Renat Perelet
member of the Russian Ecological Academy,
 EC FP-6 National Contact Point,
UNU Millennium Project Consultant;
Research leader, Institute for Systems Analysis, Russian Academy of Sciences
 E-mail: perelet@perelet.msk.ru



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