Stop transgenization of the country!

The open letter to the President of Russian Federation.
Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!

Now in Russia there is a wide introduction of transgenic products whose safety is not proved. The used biotechnological methods are still imperfect. The Generically modified organisms (GMO) cause not only a sharp reduction of the biovariety (through GMO pollen), but also tumor diseases, disbacteriosis, genetic ugliness and infertility. УArtificialФ genes issued in the Environment like a virus are able to insert into the cellТs genomes of all species of plants and animals including the human being. This process called Уhorizontal movingФ of genes (moving from species to species) already has resulted in occurrence of new viruses and bacteria causing sharp toxicoses, autoimmune reactions.

About 400 GMO among which the main kinds of vegetables, fruit and berries pass examination in Russia now (according to the report of the director of the institute of Nutrition RAMS V.A.Tutelian). However the experiments show the constant consumption of transgenic organisms could result in a development of tumors, sharp reduction of birth rate, reduction of term of life, occurrence of posterity with underdeveloped bodies (sexual organs, digestive tract etc.). The Doctor of biology L.A.Kalashnikova investigated fed with GMO animals during many years in Slovenia. The experiments have shown that young animals were sick and could not copulate after getting puberty. The posterity obtained after artificial insemination of females was even unhealthier, than parents. The organs of calves were increased, the internal bleedings were observed, the early pathologies developed. But the workers tried not to show "transgenic" invalids to visitors and liquidated them imperceptibly not to frighten the public. They were afraid the public would require an interdiction of those researches and the manufacturers would cease receiving profits.

During the process of biotechnological experiments "the researcher can not tell how many copies of transferred DNA will be built in a gene and in what chromosomes, and is unable to supervise it" (Eldishev and Konov, 2004). The supporters of GMO assert that the GM-components are completely destroyed in digestive tract of the man. However GM-components were found in microflora of intestine of the man (from the journal "New scientist"); in milk of the fed with GMO cows forage (data of the Centre on the control of dairy products in Germany). In the book УGenome, cloning and human evolutionФ (2004), edited by well-known scientist in genetics L.I. оrochkin, it was written: "Е eating of organism by another organism may lay in the base of horizontal moving, since it was shown that DNA was not completely digested and the separate molecules could get from intestine into cell and nucleus, and then could be integrated into chromosome". Horizontal moving is most manifested in genetically modified organisms with inserted УforeignФ genes, which equipped with special biological Уdevices for movingФ (plasmids).

It is necessary to develop biotechnology undoubtedly. The progress of science cannot be stopped. However any scientific problem should pass the way of development, similarly to the child, which develops inside the womb of mother. If fetus will be taken on early terms, the child will look like a УmonsterФ. It also occur with GMO: the scientists have not finished the development of this biotechnological problem, and the businessmen have hurried. As the result: tocsicoses, cancer, infertility.

Health and life of the population not only in our country but also in the entire planet are in large danger, since goes active TRANSGENIZATION of the planet. The pollen of GMO get into normal plants and transformes their seeds into transgenic. Transgenic organisms as the fire grasp increasing areas on the Earth. The majority of the transgenic organisms becomes fruitless after one-two generations. Global transgenization can result in destruction of all alive on the planet.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, we ask you to accept urgent steps and to forbid wide introduction of transgenic products without careful verification of their influence on plants, animals and men.

Sincerely yours,
I.V.Ermakova, Doctor of biology,
The all-Russian public organization
"National ecological society - Greens 3000".
The Open letter was published in the newspaper УNature-recourse SHEETSї, 44-45,
 November, 2004, p.1.
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