Genetically modified soy affects posterity: Results of Russian scientistsТ studies
On October 10, during the symposium over genetic modification, organized by the National Association for Genetic Security (NAGS), Doctor of Biology Irina Ermakova made public the results of the research led by her at the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS). This is the first research that determined clear dependence between eating genetically modified soy and the posterity of living creatures.

During the experiment, doctor Ermakova added GM soy flour to the food of female rats two weeks before conception, during conception and nursing. In the control group were the rat females that were not added anything to their food. The experiment was formed by 3 groups of 3 female rats in each: the first one was control group, the second one was the group with GM-soy addition, and the third one with traditional soy addition. The scientists counted the number of female species to give birth and the number of born and died rats.

After the result of the first stage, the second part took place. Now the rats were divided into two groups Ц one with GM-soy addition in their food, and other without the GM-soy. In three weeks the scientists received following results:

Additions Female that gave birth Born rats Dead rats (in three weeks) Percent of dead rats Rats still alive
Control group 4 (of 6) 44 3 6.8% 41
With GM-soy 4 (of 6) 45 25
55.6% 20
With normal soy 3 (of 3) 33
3 9% 30

Thus, according to these results, the abnormally high level of posterity death has been detected at the posterity of the female species with GM-soy added to their food. And 36% percent of born rats weighed less than 20 grams that is an evidence of their extremely weak condition.

УThe morphology and biochemical structures of rats are very similar to those of humans, and this makes the results we obtained very disturbing,Ф said Irina Ermakova to NAGS press office. According to NAGS Vice-president Aleksey Kulikov, the data received by Dr.Ermakova confirm the necessity of full scale tests of GM-products influence over living creatures.

On the photo: the results of the experiment. Same age rats from the control group (on the left) and the УGM-soyФ group.

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